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The challenge for engineers working in scientific research and development environments is taking the theoretical information given to them by scientists and transforming it into something that works in the real world; off the page. This is no simple task. When it comes to customized RF delivery systems used in particle accelerator and magnetic containment applications, MYAT is the trusted partner of choice for engineers working at research institutions, physics labs, and government facilities throughout the U.S. and all over the world.

Our engineers know RF technology inside and out, and have the experience to know how best to configure RF systems for even the most complex applications. We offer collaborative partnerships that extend from the very earliest stages of concept design to implementation and maintenance, standing beside you every step of the way—regardless of a project's lifecycle. We have the advanced design tools to ensure precision and performance, as well as the manufacturing expertise to bring your innovative designs to life with unmatched accuracy (tube diameters ranging from 7/8" to 14"). Our team understands that your challenges are unique to your specific goals and gives knowledgeable advice about what can and can't be achieved with RF delivery systems, and what materials are best for insulation and gas containment.

We've worked with engineers at leading national research laboratories to develop sophisticated systems for decades, so if you have a question about how RF fits into your next project, chances are, we have the answer.


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